MegaSun OPTIMA allows full tanning from head to toe


The new generation of 70 powerful Rubin

Collagen Boosters brings

• a real boost of freshness for face and décolleté

• an increase of moisture

• revitalisation, relaxation and detoxifica-tion of the skin

• a clear skin with a glowing complexion.

Collagen light stimulates the body‘s natu-ral collagen formation, the elasticity of the skin regaines, lines and wrinkles are filled in again.


The ADDITION of UVB in the p2 tubes provides

• a perfect tan which is given to the fast production of melanin

• essential bio-positive effects caused by the Vitamin D production

• the safe feeling of skin gentle tanning.


Rubin Collagen Boosters combined with p2 tubes achieve a never seen result due to better moisture.

No. 1 in the world

Solarium MEGASUN OPTIMA, a new generation of tanning